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Hungary is a developed nation in Central Europe that is a member to the Schengen Agreement and a member of the EU. When compared to other European nations, Hungary also offers a sophisticated, first-class way of life, a thriving economy, and a very low cost of living.

At HR International UAE, we proffer Hungary investment &residency programme that can help you and your loved ones to settle in the beautiful European Country.
In addition to having the most affordable fee structure on the market, HR International UAE is the only company helping clients with the Hungarian residency & investment programme with years of experience in business immigration and residency services in Hungary. As a result, we are able to provide our clients and their families with VIP assistance and expert consultation throughout the process.
Since successful applicants are granted visa-free entry to the EU, many foreign businesses are drawn to residence & investment programmes in Eastern and Central Europe. This well-known programme in Hungary gives foreign business people the chance to settle there if they make an investment in real estate or open a company.

Residency in Hungary

Anyone seeking to visit other EU nations and travel through the Schengen region visa-free may choose to obtain permanent residence in Hungary. Additionally, it's perfect for anyone seeking European real estate investment options without wanting to pay Euro pricing. You can also obtain a residence visa via Hungary's residency through investment programme by establishing a limited liability company, after which you can benefit from a corporate income tax rate that is flat at only 9%. Furthermore, residing in Hungary has advantages for travelers. Holders of residence permits can travel freely throughout the Schengen region of Europe without having their status as a resident affected, much like EU citizens. Just bear in mind that immigration to Hungary is not always as simple as it is in other European nations, so getting help is highly recommended.

And with the help of us at HR International UAE, we can surely proffer you guidance in providing the residency and investment visa to Hungary without any hassle. Many agency provide these programmes but HR International UAE has the best & skilled staff who will assist you in acquiring the visa.

Hungary Residence through Investment Programme

With this investment programme, you basically need to start a company for the purpose of real estate investment. And while you can start a company for other reasons as well, we typically advise our customers to acquire residence visa through investment programme. Investing in the neighbourhood real estate market will make it simple for you to get a long-term residency visa in Hungary. Therefore, this may be a win-win situation if you're a non-EU citizen seeking EU residence for you and your family while also diversifying your investment portfolio.

Applying for a residence visa in Hungary will provide you and your family with numerous opportunities in this breathtaking European nation. Let our skilled and experienced team handle the entire process for you.

Why Choose Hungary?

Hungary ranks among the top 30 most frequently visited countries. It has a long history and a vibrant culture, and it provides its citizens with a wide range of amenities such as free universal healthcare and first-rate educational systems. This breathtaking country is located in the middle of Europe making it a great starting point for traveling around the rest of the continent.

Benefits of Acquiring Hungary Investment Visa
Obtain Guaranteed EU Residency in 30-45 days.
Visa Free Travel to 172 Countries globally
Program covers Spouse and Children under 18.
Children can enroll in any EU school with free education up to age 18
No requirement to reside in the country
Opportunity to establish a business or reside in any of the 26 Schengen Countries
Remote application process; no need for travel
After 3.5 years, eligible to apply for a 5-year permanent resident permit, which can be automatically renewed
The fastest and most affordable real estate investment residency program in the EU
Property can be rented out for additional income, and property management assistance is available
Potential for a good high return on investment